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* * * I spend much of my time connected to nature. I am fortunate that I have big WILDwoods right outside my door. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Taking a moment each day to really acknowledge and feel how I am truly an intricate part of this great big WILD natural world gives me such a sense of purpose and being.  It is akin to a love affair, really. Being in nature makes me feel giddy inside, energized, expansive. My heart pounds and my blood pumps leaving my cheeks rosy red with life and color. The trees wave, the clouds paint a picture for me, the warm earthen floor beckons me to lay down and become one with the dirt and pine needles. Scents of cedar, sage, and pine drift past my nose on the warm breeze. Nature is always giving something of herself to me. And in return I give something back. Sometimes I pluck one of my own hairs, sometimes I put my lips to the ground, or I literally hug a tree. Sometimes I spread tobacco or cornmeal. Always I show gratitude for the raw WILD beauty that is all around me and always giving. I usually carry a small medicine bag with me that contains my special “power up and protective” items.  Inside my beautiful cherished sacred pouch there is also some form of offering to leave in these special places to give thanks for all the fortune and love in my life. I have created these little offering pouches for just that reason. I draw a small original illustration or symbol on the front of my handmade envelopes that hold a blend of cedar, sweetgrass from Juniper Ridge, and Artemesia I ethically harvested here in enchanted New Mexico! I am excited to be offering them to you as part of my DAILY WILD collection schedule to launch November 21st!! I look forward to celebrating the WILDness in you and your sacred natural spaces!


* Meekah First Snow *