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follow up post to this morning’s LESSON

D A I L Y * W I L D  day 1: attempt 2

” Insightful tracks to follow….with no predetermined destination”

today marks the start of the countdown. one month exactly until the scheduled release of the first issue of D A I L Y * W I L D.

 I have an inspired vision. A conscious dream. I can’t say I know where it all comes from or ultimately where it is supposed to take me. but I know I have only one option. commit to it daily, immersing myself, ultimately integrating, living, and sharing the wisdom that is accumulated.

I can’t say exactly what this little project will look like when the month is up. It is a life form unto itself that morphs and changes organically, evolving over time through each phase of its journey. I am not alone in its manifestation. that is part of the magic, the mystery.

Thank You for bearing witness. For following. For without you, this little project would not exist. I would not exist.

* m e e k a h ( f i r s t   s n o w ) *