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D A I L Y * W I L D  day 3

 m o c k – u p, conceptual art concept for cover of issue 1.

she has been in my head for a long time. yesterday i put her on paper. it is always exciting and surreal for me to take an abstract idea and watch it flow through pen or pencil onto paper. it becomes almost a trance like state of mind. then i step back and look at what has manifested before me.and even as a rough sketch, she makes my heart skip a beat and butterflies in my belly bring a smile to my face.

this is only the beginning, albeit, not the first step or phase….that all began months ago. months ago, it all began as an idea, a thought, an inspiration. it began to reveal itself as a by-product a result of living my daily life in connection with nature and honoring my W I L D innate~self!

today i am grateful for my life in the w i l d enchanted mountains of New Mexico. For my children who inspire my own inner child. for my boyfriend who supports me and believes in me. for all my friends and loved ones who continually give of themselves to enrich my life. for my loving cats. for the dog that has not yet come but is soon to arrive in our lives. for the beauty and eternal magic that is life on this planet