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 D A I LY * W I L D  day 4

mapping & charting

new moon & sun in s a g i t t a r i u s * the philosopher, naturalist, adventurer of the z o i d a c

~break free from past limitations; speak and stand in your truth; and enter unfamiliar territory. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that inspires the urge to break free and take a leap of faith. Use this cosmic power time to get in touch with your personal Truth, the instinctual wisdom of the body, and from this place of inner knowing commit to your highest vision for the future  ~  Virgo Magic

consulting the cosmos at large. locate our current position. check personal alignment with skies above. do we see a reflection of the stars  within ourselves? Or are we orbiting outside of the natural flow, resisting, fighting?

*TASK :  look at the stars for 3 minute minimum tonight. note internal feelings & physical sensations? note major constellations and their position in relation to the horizon & direction. note any shooting stars. did they spur visceral response? did you make a wish? allow A W E  to exist. *