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D A I L Y * W I L D  day 5

today my plan was to draw out some page borders for issue 1. i have some doodles from journaling and note taking in my sketch book i wanted to expand on.  just the word “borders” makes me begin to feel limited. like something obscure & outside of myself is trying to keep me fenced in. the last thing I want to do is put limits on what I can accomplish. just the thought of expanding outside self-imposing caps and expectations caused me to…..accidentally slice my thumb while doing dishes…

my right thumb mind you. my dominant hand. my drawing hand…might i interject the word S H I T here? instantly i felt the box, the limits, the confinement. then i remembered what this creative process is all about, that I am not the only thing at work here. that this is about the journey and co-creating the bigger picture. so, today, i see what wants to manifest as a result of using my non-dominant left hand.

* NOTE: mind and body expansion…operate outside of your normal routine. change things up~