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D A I L Y * W I L D  day 6

inspiration comes from daily life. my daughters and I spend a great deal of time in the W I L D woods here in the enchanted New Mexico mountains. whenever we venture out, we are always prepared. gathering bags, journals and pen, binoculars, snacks, water and the all essential medicine bag.

Our medicine bags contain all of our “tools” that help us tap into and power up all  aspects of our essence. we lay these tools out at a spot that beckons to be explored & included in our efforts to connect to the land.

each piece in the bag has a significant symbolic meaning and carries the energy and power (magic) of those entities that have been invited to infuse the object.  these symbolic powered up objects are carried with us and help to uplift and empower us in times of uncertainty as well as celebration and gratitude. at the end of our time spent on the land we always offer up something in return for all that we have been gifted in those moments by all our relations..e a r t h, s k y,    a n c e s t o r a l knowledge, c r e a t i v e  i n s p i r a t i o n,  L I F E. the girls and I like to leave dried herbs that we harvested or collected, or loose leaf natural tobacco. but offerings can also be a piece of your own hair, or simply placing your hands on the earth and focusing healing intentional energy back into the life force that supports us.

i find that these ritualistic ways of reconnecting to the natural world instills a deep appreciation for the grand, magical, interrleated, mysteriousness of life. and i have discovered through repeating these honoring gestures ( a form of science project if you will. a testing of theories) continues to offer  the most rewarding, ecstatic, awe-inspiring, & love – filled experiences.

i was inspired through my personal exploration of living a sacred and gratitude filled existence to create these D A I L Y * W I L D medicine bag kits for those who wish to get started on a path of finding their own ecstatic experiences through working with these transformational tools.

each bag is handmade with sage colored cotton flannel. i hand embroider each nature design on ultra-suede or wool. the drawstring is braided cotton yarn. each bag contains the tools to get you started  discovering and tracking Y O U R own   W I L D p a t h.

included is a mini bookmark of my first drawing that inspired D A I LY * W I L D, a handmade mini jotter sketch book with a few of my quick nature sketches on the cover to inspire your own insights, a handmade herb pouch for offering on the land, a quartz crystal gathered here on our mountain and powered up in our medicine wheel, and a young pinecone collected in early spring from our local pinion to honor the first step of your W I L Ding adventure!

*** m e e k a h

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~ great gift for that nature lover in the family

~ awesome kit for not only the new W I L D s e l f explorer, but also the seasoned looking for another great power tool to add to the magic box!