D A I L Y * W I L D  day 7

i love free downloads. i really appreciate the idea of sharing our talents freely. inspiring one another and elevating the idea of commerce to a completely different level. shifting the focus from consume consume consume to share, support, and cherish. there are so many amazingly talented people who find the courage to subject their personal expressions to the all-discerning eye of the public. rejection is such a strong suppressor in our culture that it can literally paralyze one in their desire to share their vision with the world.

in light of the holiday season, and honoring this idea of sharing our talents freely to uplift each other, i would like to offer you this F R E E  DOWNLOADABLE GIFT TAG. a simple little illustration that came out of a doodle when I was thinking about what I love about this season. I love how the world lights up in white and color. how in the dark of the night, the light warms are spirits and promises of the coming spring where our dreams will begin to seed.

This is the first  F R E E  downloadable gift tag. the link will take you to a full PDF sheet of 20 gift tags.  i will post one design each week for two more weeks!

to get your free download click HERE


remember to support your brave small business owners and favorite artist/crafters this holiday season and share the J O Y

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