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D A I L Y * W I L D  day 8

she is a living, breathing, entity. she has a life, a persona all her own. she is etheral, yet reflected in this physical space.

i originally thought the z i n e would be all information and illustration based. you know, offering up tips and resources for integrating more W I L D n e s s  into daily life. and these lifestyle practices still have a place in D A I L Y * W I L D . but there is more.

through daily focus and intention, offering of gratitude and seeking guidance on what would like to be included in this project, she unfolds, she reveals more and more of her essence.

more and more i discover that D A I L Y * W I L D  isn’t just a concept, an idea, or medium. she is a personality all her own. she is a character. she is a life force. she is the wisdom keeper, the keeper of ancient E A R T H knowledge and discoveries. she chronicles, tracks, documents, and preserves the alchemical magic of our natural world and our place within it. she is the storyteller of our time here. D A I L Y * W I L D  is more than just a title……it is her NAME.

it is her story the z i n e  will tell