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D A I L Y * W I L D  day 10

~ finding home

in the major arcana of most tarot decks, the tenth card is the Wheel of Fortune. i find it more than coincidental that on this 1st day of december, on the 10th day of road to D A I L Y * W I L D, the number that represents existing within the wheel of life where fate & destiny converge offering the chance to have a fortunate experience, my destiny is here.

over 15 years ago a seed was planted inside my soul of visions. i began to linger long on thoughts of living in a small sustainable home off the grid surrounded by wilderness and immersed in the natural, cyclical rhythms of gaia.

four years ago i connected with the lovely, knowledgeable, wise, folks at Anima. Wolf, Kiva, Loba and Rhiannon were instrumental and helping me step off that cliff of fear, fall into the great unknown, grow wings, and begin to soar in search of my dream vision.  ( i will write soon about how much I owe to this wonderful family, paying homage and honoring the gifts they gave me that were so vital to beginning the process of really living my authentic true life )

one of the pieces that came out of my intensive time with Wolf, Kiva, Loba and Rhiannon was this picture i drew.

i was tasked with creating an image of myself in my ideal home. this is what i came up with.

today, 4 years later, i celebrate as i move into my dream space. now mind you it’s not a yurt. but the layout, design, and premise is that of a yurt, just with solid passive solar walls. (much more realistic for a mountain home where the highs this weekend are projected to be single digits!)

there is a wash below the home that flows in high snow seasons during the spring, and during great monsoon seasons in the summer. there is an abundance of both cultivated and wild plants. the wildlife is so abundant and they leave their tracks in the soft sand along the wash.

3 months ago when I committed to take the home, i stood on the deck and watched as a falcon soared on the currents down the wash in an easterly direction towards the rising sun an omen of new beginnings, vision and foresight.

Today, i move into that vision. that dream seed becomes my physical manifestation and reality. today i step into my life where the subconscious and conscious become one without boundaries or limitations. today i honor my authentic life and all the prices i paid to get here. all the wisdom i gained in order to earn this sacred home, and all the love and support gifted me by others on this quest to truth in self.

this home is not only sacred for myself, but also for my children and their chance to grow connected to D A I L Y * W I L D in themselves. this home is also my studio. a magical place for my creative visions to have a voice and become their own desired entities!

~ I want to take this moment to encourage you to keep following your dreams. even if sometimes it feels like you will never get there. you will. it takes time, the universe has to rearrange things into a certain form so you can receive your dream. in universe time, it is a milisecond…for us it can be days, months, or even years! but it is worth it when you finally get to bear witness to this magical co-creational process of life.

become your own magician, or priestess. wave your wand, focus your intent, your words. mix your potions, ride the storms, find the signs and omens that show themselves to reassure you it is all in the workings. and then…..

CELEBRATE your manifestation!