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girl's first day at the new house & it S N O W E D

D A I L Y * W I L D day 11 & 12

~ sometimes days just run together

i don’t operate so much on linear time. i refer to a calendar so i can keep up to speed with my friends and family. but when we live in the woods, it can be a challenge keeping track of what day it is. instead of days, weeks, months….i notice changes in the weather & the landscape. the slightest change in temperature, or position of the moon in the sky are my indicators of a “time” change.

since moving into the new place, and the girls coming home, I seem to have missed a “day”  somewhere. but in between that time… it snowed….alot…and we are finding rhythm and happiness in our new place

the key…..that although there is much to be done…it is more important to just enjoy quality time, and sometimes, loosen up on personal deadlines.

to allow ourselves without expectation or disappointment to just go with the flow…not look a calendar, and forget about that “to-do” list!

my man cleaning snow off the solar panels

sacred spots on our land

snow covered fairy dust!