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where i live ... # 13

D A I L Y * W I L D  day 13

~ lucky # 13

the #13 card, the death card in one of my favorite tarot decks. Shadowscapes deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


Closing the door to the past and opening a new one, going through transition, changing status, shedding the old and excess, inexorable forces and sweeping changes.

i am acutely aware of the death of an old life today. on this 13th day of posting to D A I L Y * W I L D,  i am officially all moved into our magical mountain home, located at #13 on our mountain road. one of my favorite cards in the shadowscapes tarot deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, is the #13 card, the death card. i love death. weird, right?

i love death because of all its life-giving attributes, like the ones quoted above. many lives i lived through and many skins i shed to arrive in this place of new creative experience and expression.

 In truth the card depicts transformation and life itself.  Everything which is born is destined to die, whether that be a human being, business, relationship, or a daisy in the field. ~ Toni Allen

this house, this place, this location, the fact that i moved into it in winter (the time of death on the land where everything goes dormant and prepares for rebirth in the spring) is not only symbolic but an actual representation of my own current cycle.

so much of my old self i had to let go of, let die, in order to transmute that energy into a life of new perspectives and visceral sensual responses. this house offered itself to me in this time of being ready to let go and move on. out of this new me that i seek, the phoenix will rise from the ashes giving new life to all i give attention to. being that the house and the land sit directly in the fire of this phoenix, i can only begin to imagine the dreams that are about to set ablaze and light up the skies of my life.

~ take the time to sit in reflection of self and surroundings. note that which no longer helps to elevate you to a better life experience and release it from your consciousness. look at the land where you live and notice those life forms that have begun to go dormant for the winter. their life force sent back down to their roots to survive. connect to your own roots and tap into what really matters for you, what has true meaning in your day. let it fill your veins, where the old once was. focus on this flame of inspiration and creative passion and allow it to keep you warm on long dark nights, knowing that not too long from now that creative inspiration will become a seed desiring growth! ~