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this morning i woke with the sunrise. all the plants in the house began to light up. i suddenly felt the urge to interact with them, photograph them, admire them. they shared a cup 'o joe with me and we began the day together

D A I L Y * W I L D day 16

~ synchronicity ~

inspired by the season, and feeling a kinship with the plants, i sat in my favorite corner chair under a blanket (its a chilly 15degrees here this morning) grabbed a few of my favorite herbal magic books and mags and began to read. before to long i found myself making little notes about what i would like to include in the first issue of my zine D A I L Y * W I L D.  just doodling and thinking about playing magic with plants invoked such a feeling of giddyness and a desire to play and experiment. i also had a deep sense of wanting to honor the cycle of the year, paying hommage to the old wise evergreen dryads that offer their ancient wisdom year round!

not too long after being inspired by my plant friends, i checked in on my facebook page where i tapped into a stream on my friend Kiva Rose’s wall. there was a discussion in session about the plants associated with the season and traditional pagan folklore. i couldn’t help but feel the synchronicity connecting my personal morning experience with that of fellow earth rhythm patrons!

” Our ancestors are the worldly essences: water, salt, and acid.They live within us, and yet, at the same time, they are always leaving us. And then, time after time, they come seeking us out again. Through the plants they remind us of a state of timelessness, where human heritage is just a breath of wind on a lake’s surface. Human history is also plant history.” ~ Schenk

from: Pagan Christmas: The Plants, Spirits and Rituals at the Origins of Yuletide by Claudia Muller-Ebeling and Christian Ratsch

i find that whenever i allow myself to be in tune with all my relations, all my ancestors, that there is a thread of connection that weaves a web beyond just my personal space. that my personal space is always interacting with the whole at large. that i can access this web of wisdom and life through the mediums of plants, animals, earth energies, celestial bodies, and even each other.

~ take a minute today to talk to a plant or a tree. it can be outside, in your home, or even in your office. if you feel really bold, buddy up with one in a public place. you can talk out loud if you desire or just sit in quiet companionship, maybe share a breath! afterall, they do produce the oxygen we breathe and they breath the carbon dioxide we exhale. and yes, its still kosher to hug a tree! they like it! and plants like music, so get your singing voice on, or just share an earphone on your ipod! either way have fun with your G R E E N friends today! ~