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D A I L Y * W I L D  day 17

~ crossing the threshold to sacredness ~

last night i began reading a book that has been in my collection for quite some time but has been pushed aside in favor of other titles. it has been buried in boxes since moving, in hibernation you might say. yesterday she revealed herself to me again. this time i felt compelled without hesitation, with innate curiosity to begin………….

” Circles of Stones ~ Woman’s Journey to Herself”

by: Judith Duerk

“This is not meant as a primer to instruct in the feminine individuation process, but an intimate testament for a woman to hold in her hand as she finds her own way, how, into and through.” ~ preface

“Sometimes dreams alter the course of an entire life”…is the opening line in the introduction. i knew instantly that this is to be my book of the moment. stepping into and owning D A I L Y * W I L D, and moving into my off the grid mountain home in the big wilderness on sacred land has been my long time dream. and without hesitation i can say it has altered my life course in so many seen and unseen ways.

in less than a week of moving here, we watched snowflakes fall silently from our window during the first big snow of the season, stood in quiet awe as a doe walked peacefully in the morning sun on the other side of our mini- canyon, and searched the land for animal tracks impressed in the sparkling magical snow. all the while we have been acutely aware of our presence, our own tracks and our own essence that is added to the whole.

this morning as i headed out for my morning walk on the land, i noticed my fire-pit covered in snow. i couldn’t help but notice how it reminded me of the cover of Circles of Stones. a gentle reminder once again of the power of this place and how i am encompassed in it.

i was instantly transported to the final paragraph i read last night that was so poignant it penetrated deeply into my soul. i can still recall the potentcy in the words of power awakening to the sacredness in every action of my daily life…even through the mundane tasks, most importantly the mundane tasks. the mundane tasks, that as women, we make sacred, leaving our ancestoral footprint behind.

Woman passed down to woman a way of being within herself as she carried out her daily tasks in which she related to herself and to the task as sacred and necessary to the completion of the cosmic cycle, to be fulfilled by her, by her alone, again and again. Through that fulfilling, she renewed the earth, blessing the cycles of nature, quietly carving into the stillness for time the steps of her repeated trips for water, her winnowing of grain, her nurturing of the earth.

i knew instantly that although i did not get up and commute to a ‘normal’ job today and join the masses in making a contribution to the whole dictated by society, that  my little sacred task of connecting to the land daily and offer those insights to the world at large was just as important. it didn’t matter if nobody else noticed. the land did. and the land will hold this sacredness and be more beautiful for it, whether that be forever or for the moment.

~ take a moment today to recognize how you make your daily tasks sacred. do you add extra love to your food when preparing it? do you sit for a second and just watch your children in all their magical awesomeness just for the sake of it? do you watch out your window when doing dishes and whistle a song to the birds in the trees? how do you make your moments sacred?