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D A I L Y * W I L D issue #1 cover art ~ rough draft

 D A I L Y * W I L D  day 18

~ daring to draw ~

i would like to take today to post what has come out of the drawing board in the past 24 hours. yesterday we witnessed a beautiful doe gracefully traversing the little canyon across from my house. she was so beautiful and quiet and peaceful. i thought that i would do up a sketch in her honor, but what came out was this little wild thing in the image above.

~ not that i want to overlook the beautiful doe…she will just have to be honored on a different day on a different piece of paper.

my B I G little zine D A I L Y * W I L D is scheduled to be released on December 22nd! in the middle of moving my life, sharing time with my children and filling custom orders, finding the time to work on her has been challenging. but, i can’t help but feel passionate about producing a thought provoking, magical and wonderfully illustrated little publication. she is coming together and beginning to take form and i am feeling very personal about her, mainly because just sitting down and drawing requires a huge amount of courage on my part.

so, if you could please leave some feed back about what your feelings are, opinions, artistic critiques, and other insights on this first issue cover rough draft, i would appreciate it. please feel free to leave any ideas about what you might like to see added or changed!

i can’t wait to hear from you!