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D A I L Y * W I L D's new ambassador ~ Sokka

D A I L Y * W I L D   day 19

~ love always finds its way home ~

when you least expect it, love comes walking in. there are times when it is so undeniable that there is no choice but to just allow it into your life.
… even if it comes in the form of a furry four-legged, gigantic puppy with one blue eye and one brown eye.

since moving to Santa Fe, the girls and i have been visiting our local kennel that both boards dogs and also houses some homeless dogs for the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico . we spend a few hours per week socializing and exercising the dogs that are in need of homes. ultimately we hope our efforts help these animals in being placed into good forever homes.
this morning when we arrived, we noticed that ‘Buddy’ had returned for the second time. sweet as can be, but obviously B I G and full of Akita/Husky energy, this gentle soul was obviously having a hard time finding the right space.
we took him out to play, walk and share space. in that time the coalition representative came and gathered up the other dogs and headed off to the day’s adoption clinic.  we found ourselves still hanging out with ‘Buddy’.
all it took was a few kisses from this gentle giant, and i found myself discussing fostering requirements with the shelter manager.


Sokka kisses

it has taken all of 3 hours for ‘ Buddy ‘ to have acquired a new name of ‘ Sokka ‘ . if you know anything about Avatar the Airbender (the animated series, not the movie), you know who Sokka is. which means you also now have a good idea of Sokka’s ( “Buddy’s” ) personality

the first thing Sokka did upon coming home, was head out into our wild woods for a long walk. we scouted deer, fox, bird, dog, and mystery animal tracks. Sokka left his sniffer tracks in the snow. ( a trail where he dragged his nose through snow sniffing out smells only known to him ).  we pranced along together as a pack as the sun warmed our faces and the giddyness of new love filled our hearts!

the girls walking home with Sokka

it wasn’t long that visions of hooking Sokka up to a sled and skis were excitedly discussed. i began to think of saddlebag dog pack designs i could make for backcountry hiking and camping. and of course, it was a unanimous YES that Sokka would join us on our midnight full moon magic wild wolf run through the woods this evening!

i'm think he's pretty 'at home' already

one thing is for certain, one quickly discovers how a little bit of compassion and understanding, coupled with some patience and the belief in second chances can turn anyone’s life around.

…and how when the time is right, the loss of an old friend, also makes room for a new friend.