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D A I L Y * W I L D day 22

“Every beginning has within it the seeds of its own end.”

~ finding ancient language in nature during modern times ~

when i first started seeking my individual sense of self, it never occurred to me start at the beginning. i am an american living in the united states but my bloodline is that of swedish northern germanic decent. the closest tie i have to this familial line is through my patriarchal grandmother, who is swedish to the core. she aches for it in her spirit and soul…she is 90 years old, and dreams of going back everyday. as i begin to reconnect with my scandinavian lineage and spend more time in W I L D landscapes, i find myself undeniably drawn to rediscovering the language and magical alphabet of my people. it seems that everywhere i look in nature, i see runes.

my curiosity for magic, alchemy, shamanism, and divination runs deeper than just a passing thought of ‘ oh that seems cool’. it is something that i feel in my gut, deep in my cells. it is an ancient knowing that reaches out like enticing fingers waving seductively one at a time drawing ancient symbols, meanings, and myths into my crystalline structure of self. it is as if my ancestors are rising up within me, awakening a seed of new beginnings…ones that will hopefully lead me to an end…ending at my true self.

today i saw Ansuz in the ponderosa pine tree during my mid-day jaunt. rune secrets defines the key concepts of this symbol to be:

Key Concepts: order, gods, Odin, transmission of intelligence, communication, reason, inspiration, language, breath, sound, origins of language, the Voice of the Universe, spellsong, casting, chanting, ancestors, passing of the breath along the ancestral line, evolution of gods, speech, poetry, discussion of runes, memetics, semiotics, etymology, linguistics.

i find this both exhilarating and affirming that i am indeed beginning the right path to my true end. that following my ancestral knowledge and proddings deep in my cellular make-up is beginning to light the way in my outer physical world. if we pay attention to our surroundings, especially those as old as the natural world of earth, we find a language, a communication system that is always going on, infinitely, forever. if we learn to read the symbols we can interpret our own inner workings and perhaps expand our experience beyond just the here and now. we may actually tap into a root system that is older than ancient and will live beyond our physcial bodies. i love this idea for so many reasons. and what is empowering about it is that it gives us the tools to ultimately redefine, reshape, and rewrite our own story of reality in this moment.

what are your roots? i ask you to find your bloodline and trace it back. look to your ancestors and their languages. do you find any of it alive in you today? in your ideas, your dreams, your creative expression? your desires, your questions? do you feel a piece of you is missing? a hole a void? look to your ancestors…begin to explore where you come from and see if you find traces of it in these modern times, in your everyday..reaching out to speak to you!