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D A I L Y * W I L D  day 24

~ feel the burn ~

it is happening! layout has begun! i am feeling the burn and the push of my own damn deadline…December 22nd. so far, i am super happy with what is starting to come alive in regards to a complete Z I N E for this first issue.  i know at this point it will ultimately play out a little like college finals where i am trying to complete everything down to the wire, but not wanting to skimp on effort or quality. but, perhaps that is what makes me feel twenty-something in my thirty-somethings.

its going to be an AWESOME piece. one of a kind illustrations, random thoughts, powerful thought provoking short stories, magic recipes, moon energy and phases, wheel of the year themes and more…..

i can’t wait to put it out there and see what the universe has to say about it!

woop! woop!