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It has been a hectic final five days, but we did it, it is FINALLY here. the premiere issue of D A I L Y * W I L D the Z I N E is now available for purchase!

i say “finally”, but in reality it is truly just the beginning.

this has been a diehard labor of love with many extra-curricular challenges to add to the mixing pot, but i made it. we made it. thank you for your support and belief in me and this project.

i will reflect more tomorrow (today, later) on the journey, but for now, i just wanted to share in the excitement of the completion of the first issue!

and to let you know you can get your own personal hardcopy here:


14 pages of beautiful illustrations, musings, story, and insights printed on high quality artist cardstock with a hand stitched spine!

goodnight for now fellow D A I L Y * W I L D beings and THANK YOU!