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Each turn of the season, my girls and i hold ritual. We make an alter in the center of the room. Each of us adds items of empowerment that we hold dear, items we either want to charge up energetically, or energy that we want to draw from. We then sing, drum, rattle and dance. Once we are good and riled up, we sit for story relating to the quarters or cross quarters on the wheel of the year that we are honoring and aligning with. Then comes the most exciting part….we each get to draw an animal medicine card. The animal that comes to us during this ritual is the one that will act as our guides for the next three months until the wheel turns again and we start anew.

This season i drew lizard. Lizard is the keeper of dreams…but not just any dreams…day dreams mostly. Imagine a lizard, basking in the sun on a rock, motionless. Its sides lifting and falling slowly with the rhythm of his breath. His eyes roll back in his head, and if you are lucky, he will lift an eye-lid and honor your presence.

Lizard …will you dream with me? Travel across the stars? Beyond the place of time and space. There live visions from afar.

Lizard medicine encourages us to visit the shadow side of our dreams and review them before deciding to manifest them physically.

How appropriate, i think, that at this time of year, when all is hibernating and introspective…dreaming on what seeds to plant for the new year, that i drew this card. As the new year approaches, i encourage you to lounge with lizard. Find a warm spot in the sun in your home or outside and bask in it, dream. When making those new year’s resolutions, really take the time to dream on them first. Visit them on the other side where time does not exist. Play them out, be sure that they are truly dreams you wish to see come to fruition over the next year before you start blurting out your intentions everywhere and embodying them in your essence!

My all your dreams of truth, come true!

P.S. if you find me absent here and there you will know its because i am lounging with the lizards!