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2012 has arrived and I trust many of you have participated in at least one activity that releases all that no longer serves you and your highest vision. I also trust you have tapped into at least one dream, goal or wish you hope to fulfill in the upcoming year!

I am lucky that I was gifted this Creative Courage e-course as a Christmas gift and am happy to announce that the first week started Monday and we are well on our way to manifesting creative dreams!

As part of honoring my creative dreams of becoming a professional artist/painter/illustrator, I recognized that the first thing that needed to happen was the creation of a sacred art space that was inviting, inspiring, organized and in the 600 sq. ft cabin I live in off the grid! I wanted a little area that I felt called to, was comfortable being in and had all my tools and materials within reach, not to mention easily accessible. ( meaning, I don’t have to dig through 10 humongous piles to find that “piece of paper” OR “that pencil”)

I am happy to announce that the space has manifested!!!!s

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I hope you take the time to create space for your creative dreams to begin to come alive!