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” There is no security on this earth, only opportunity” ~ General Douglas MacArthur

Sometimes in the midst of financial burdens and scarcity, it can be difficult to find the abundance in life.  Our modern society is so focused on MONEY MONEY MONEY, it becomes blatantly obvious why we walk through our days with blinders on, looking down, hoping to find a shiny quarter on the sidewalk or maybe a forgotten dollar bill in a random pocket. We become so driven by money, the accumulation of money, what it can bring us  and what we have to endure when we don’t have it (like going without heat for an undetermined amount of time, as I learned recently).  Sometimes having and not having money can override every other aspect of our lives, ultimately detaching our sense of true authenticity and living.

I’m not saying money is a bad thing, I need money too, would love to have more, more money = more freedom. But, yesterday I was reminded that I am already rich. As I took our dog on an evening stroll, the WILD forest around us lit up like the lost cities of gold. I was awe-struck by its richness and glitter and warmth and abundance.  Everything the light touched, turned into GOLD, rich with the exquisite bling of creative LIFE! I laid in it. I bathed in it. I twirled in it. I let it seep into my skin, my bones, my blood. I let it warm my face, my heart, and light up my eyes with refreshed vision.  I laughed as I watched Sokka run through the streams of gold,a smile on his face, his coat lit up like a mythological wolf and I remembered that I AM RICH!

I was gifted……..

a golden forest

with golden grass

a golden dog

celebrated with golden sparklers

painted with golden light

became a golden girl

and drifted away on golden clouds!

I Hope you find Riches in your life today!