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Trust now. Trust in The Now. Consciously access what you know to be positively, life-affirmingly true. And that sureness will become a bridge to what’s possible. ~ Danielle LaPorte


Last week, I let my eyes sweep slowly around the inside of my amazing little cabin and I began to notice how much I enjoy placing little alters everywhere. I love piecing together stilllifes and displays of different elements, trinkets and treasured items in various places from windowsills, tabletops, to  shelves.

The top of a leek on a wooden alter

This got me thinkin’. I don’t follow any religious dogma. I don’t go to church. I decide for myself what I wish to believe in and what I look to for inspiration and what uplifts me.  However, I do practice ritualistic acts of gratitude, creating sacred space, giving offering, and sitting in peace and stillness. I count my blessings and love the art of creating acts of magic according to my own principles and understanding of the world around me.  These little mini-alters around my home helped me recognize how I love to honor the life, the spirit, and the beauty within EVERYTHING and how its presence in my day brings deeper meaning to my own personal existence.

So, I decided, that the girls and I would take on a project for the YEAR! Every Sunday, no matter where we are,  what the weather, or who we are with, at some point during the day we will create an alter of presence. The alter can be one we work on together or one that we each individually manifest. The items can be of natural materials we have gathered, something that we have made, collected, been gifted or found right on the spot! They can be constructed on the land, in the house, in public, or in private. The focus and intent being that we take a moment to become fully present of ourselves and our surroundings, honoring each as they exist purely at that instance.

Today was our first ALTER SUNDAY!!

First, we decided to do our alter outside, honoring the land and space where we live

the girls located the right spot

Then we placed the “nest basket” we had collected on top of a tree trunk

I gathered natural items from the area, and Abby placed them in the baket

Riley chose to climb a tree and share space with her tiger

I admired Abby’s arrangement

We all admired our creation and gave thanks for the chance to live where we do and for the opportunity re-wild ourselves everyday!

Our First WILD alter for 2012!