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I am so lucky!!!  Or as my man would say, “not lucky, but fortunate!”

For Christmas, my mom gifted me this great e-course Creative Courage with Stephanie Levy! We started the class beginning of January and so far, every week has proved to be inspiring, supportive, informational, challenging and oh so rewarding! I am so grateful for this opportunity to kickstart 2012 by really defining, clarifying, and mapping out making my longest held artistic dreams come true!

In addition to being gifted this amazing opportunity, I am also very fortunate to have my soulmate as my love, my friend, my companion in this lifetime. He is so supportive of me on every level, without judgement, when it comes to honoring myself and pursuing my dreams. So, last week we made an impromptu trip to Michael’s …you know the arts and crafts store! While strolling the store, he walked by the art section and coyly asked, ” are you sure you don’t need anything form over here? How about pens or markers? you good on those….?? ohhhhh, check these out!”

Before I knew it, I was walking out with 3 new packages of a variety of drawing pens, markers and a new drawing pad! So FORTUNATE!

Later that evening I sat down with my pad and pens. I began to just write a test page showing all the different tip sizes, colors and styles. My man walked by with interest and asked what the ink marks would look like on a really bright white piece of pourus cardstock. (He is a purveyor of art, can you tell?)

My curiosity now peaked, I tried it out!

I was amazed at how one stroke lead to another, then one line inspired the next, which inspired a shape, an object, a character, a scene, a story. I remembered one of our my lessons from the week before in my Creative Courage class…the Courage to PLAY. Just PLAY with my tools, like when I was a kid. Drawing for the sake of drawing. The idea being to let go of control and perfectionism about what I would be creating and just let it flow! I did just that……………..and……..

Ultimately a Birthday gift for my daughter who would be turning 8 a few days later emerged.

So get out the pens, the crayons, the glue, the magazines the tape, the clay….WHATEVER you like to play with and go be a kid again!