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The Deadline is fast approaching and I am scurrying. I love this little issue so much that I keep adding content and rearranging. I have to admit that being that one of my personal goals this year is to finally honor and pursue my dream of being a professional (yes, PAID) artist, much of my major focus went into the COVER art! I couldn’t be more pleased with how she came out.

  But, now I’m down to the wire and need to wrap things up and get it out so you can love it too! I am ecstatic to announce this issue’s main feature:

an in-depth interview with Darcey Madrona Blue at Blue Botanical Herbals

all about herbal and natural Aphrodisiacs

We will also be offering a very special gift for the first 10 people to purchase the issue!

So, be sure to check in tomorrow for more info.!

We’ve also got a section called Raven’s Corner! Raven does a great little book review and tarot card review! Plus a little topic related writing of her own.

We have rituals, love potions recipes, sexy poetry, real and raw thoughts on love,  and more……

Stay Tuned!