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The tarot cards made me do it! Last week I met with my friend and Daily Wild zine co-contributor, Raven Ellen Siker.  I was feeling pretty scattered, and lucky for me, Raven is diving full force back into her love of providing tarot readings for the interested. We sat at our new favorite usual spot, Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse, on the plaza in Santa Fe, sipped tea, gnoshed on some yummies and admired the spirit moving wild horse photography exhibit hanging on the wall.

But, I was in need of more than just tea and chit-chat, and Raven knew it. This is one of the attributes that makes Raven such a kick ass Tarot Reader. She is so dang intuitive!!! But there was no way a normal spread was going to do the trick for my down in the dumps everything on this day. So, Raven literally came up with a personalized spread on the spot! Not only did she pull this spread from thin air, or my aura, or psyche or whatever it was she tapped into, but the spread was dead on and exceeded all my expectations. (In rock climbing, we call this on-site-ing. Raven on-site-ed the first ascent of this major crag problem!)

One of the most powerful positions for me in this spread (not like they all weren’t, but specifically this one) was the position which actually dictated  I take a specific action! The ‘ole Elder of Fire in the Gaian deck was adamant that I build a mama alter that would hold the vessel for me to burn away all my illusionary mental chatter at any time I felt necessary.

The entire spread was so incredibly powerful and almost annoyingly (it’s a word) pushy about shedding off that old layer and stepping into my authentic self. But, not just that, because I already spend copious amounts of time doing just this. More poignantly, these freakin’ strong women of temperance, high priestess, and curandura elder of fire were all staring me down, challenging me to let go of the shit already. Let go of  conditioned beliefs that are still trying to creep into my thought patterns and are ultimately restricting my own greatness!


Ok, Big MaMa’s, I’m a listenin’!

So, today the girls and I did it. We built the ‘big mama’ alter.

She came out soo cool. She literally blows me away, and I can’t help but want to start writing down all the illusions and fears I want to burn.

Check out the super wicked chollo cactus skeleton Abby found on our walk today! The Corn dolly is one Riley made a couple of years ago at a pagan gathering we attended in the Jemez. Of Course, Ms. Daily Wild is up top the flowers, my tribute to Artemis.

I love this little section that contains a book on the Northern Magic & the Runes from the woman’s perspective, written by none other than FREYA Aswynn.  Then I have the postcard I purchased after my reading with Raven to remind me of the place I always need to come back to in order to find my source.

Then, of course the found jawbone, a piece of citrine from my Yraceburu Earth Wisdom Shima,  A small earthen dish that holds other wild collectibles the girls and I found today on our walk. Then, there is the pot, or broken clay pot rather. The pot where we BURN, baby, BURN all the crap that keeps trying to leech onto us and keep us from living a thriving, abundant, ecstatic life!

Thank You, Raven.

Thank You Melissa Lucia for gifting the Gian Tarot deck to Raven.

Thank You strong ass spirits and messages for continuing to come through, even when I am so stubborn and resistant!

Things are about to get pretty exciting around here, me thinks.