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The girls leading the way to sacred space

Today marked week 3 of Altered Sunday. Every Sunday, the girls and I spend a little time creating alter spaces to honor the wild, magical, supportive land where we live. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such wild, diverse, beautiful, and sustaining land that we feel it is important to show gratitude for the opportunity to live here.  The girls seem to be finding a rhythm with the ritual, and it is now something we look forward to co-creating together every week.

So, we basically hold it in our minds on Sunday’s and then when inspiration strikes me on how to proceed, we jump into action!

Today, we decided to make fun, ornate decorative strings to hang from some of the trees around the property. It was a grey and snowy day, so adding some color to the monochromatic scene felt perfect!

We headed down the hill, into our wash, and the girls turned due East.

A nice little set of basalt caught their attention, and it seems their bouldering skills needed some practice before we could actually start out ritual…love this about them!

testing their bouldering skills


Once back on track, it was all focus on hanging those beautiful strings in the trees!

The girls knew exactly the site they wanted, and without hesitation set to task.

diligently getting the sacred alter strands tied

I’m pretty sure, the trees were psyched to be feeling a bit festive!

see...told you they were happy