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I blame it on the holiday! We are a day behind. I just take that to mean we were totally living it up this weekend! A weekend full of fun, adventure, friends, and snow! Although it was hard not to notice little green buds on the Apache Plume, or fuzzy white buds on the pussy willow! And the evergreens scent is becoming more pungent. The lichen and moss on the trees still wintergreen vibrant.  The air was warm, the earth damp under the melting snow and the subtle promise of spring and new life taunting us at every slippery slope. We were so busy being blissed out by the beauty that before we knew it, Sunday became Monday.  Although, that didn’t  stop us from having “Altared Sunday”.

With all the new buds popping open, we decided to celebrate by making “crowns”.  We wanted to bring the outside in, and basically take it with us wherever we go.  Plus,  when you’re being a wild creature in the woods, it helps to blend in.

We gathered our supplies together:

apache plume, willow, lichen, juniper as the main ingredients

Added some feathers, tied the pieces together and…..

one of the girl's crowns

I got a little fancy with mine

The best part of course, is wearing them!

Abby's piece

Don't let her fool ya...Riley enjoyed the project immensely!

finally, a crown fit for a Lady of the Wood!

One more pic…for prosperity…or just because we frickin’ love it sooo much!