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 My 8-year-old relayed a dream to me this morning about golden leaves near the circle of elders down the wash from our cabin. I knew exactly the spot she was speaking of, I have been wanting to honor its presence since the first moment I came upon it 3 months ago. As soon as I discovered its location, I knew we would be setting this place up as a power spot on the land, a place to practice the craft. It seemed to me that with the manifestation of the dream, the time had come to at least create the space amongst the great circle of elders.

By the time we headed out the moon was void of course, so I knew we wouldn’t be doing any kind of invocation. Yet, it seemed the perfect nondescript time to just simply build the directional gates.

So, we headed out. Careful not to step on any new green budding life poking up through the earth

following the wash, past the budding willow

Over the log at the pass, where on the way back we were all required to cross and fight off the dark forces with our swords and bows and arrows.

Stopping briefly to admire and pay homage to the old Wise Wizard’s Tree

When given the sign, we continued on until we enter a clearing, and find ourselves amongst the Tall Ones

It is here that we find a circle of old Ponderosa Pine Trees that gather in council

A council where you quickly find your perception of reality, altered!

We then began to work on the directional gates. Riley, being the earth child she is, headed straight to the North and began humming a beautiful ancient song that only she knows the origin, as she constructed and “N” out of fallen tree branches.

While Abby and I gathered and placed the East, South, and West gates, respectively

With the lack of time and a near full moon on our side, we took the last moments of daylight to sit in the center of our circle within the circle of elders.

Tuesday marks the Full Moon in Virgo, and you can bet I’ll be down in this power spot, howling, and celebrating all the good fortune that this sacred space bestows upon my little family!

Til Next time