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So, week 3 has come and gone. I have to say I am truly ecstatic about the pieces I created this go round. I realized I was easily frustrated with trying to work with color and different paint mediums right off the bat. The entire concept of working with color in itself began to get very overwhelming. It became clear very quickly that I was just not ready to step into paint yet. So, I stepped back and decided that if I can’t draw first, then there is no way I would be able to step up to painting.

As a result, I decided to work all pieces in black ink only.  Taking this step allowed me to really see the subject matter and its relationship to the page. I focused on line, shape, positive and negative space. I felt more expressive and free, as if all the structure, expectation and pressure was magically lifted. The images came easily and without hesitation. It seems, I was getting to far ahead of myself with jumping right into color and paint. As I moved through each day, I soon rediscovered my adoration and infatuation with the art of henna and mehndi. I rekindled my desire to learn this ancient magical and sacred art. So, I began to shift the theme of my pieces into this direction. What I discovered was the beginning, the emergence of my own personal style. The focus I wish to maintain from here on out. And if color comes up, eventually, which I am sure it will, it will be of its own accord, when we are ready to work together.  So without further adieu! here it is WEEK 3 of 365 Paint