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As many of you know, I design, produce and publish a little magazine called DAILY WILD. As we approach March 20th,  the release date of issue No. 3, I have been working hard to edit contributor content, work on lay out, draw the supportive illustrations  the cover.  The fun part is I get to view and read all the amazing insights contributed by the amazing  women offering words of wisdom & guidance before anybody else! It is exciting to read the articles and have them not only reaffirm the intuitive direction I set for the current issue, but to also surpass any hopes I had originally held for its’ raw power as a cohesive singular piece.

The theme for this next issue is EMERGENCE.   I felt empowered by Darcey’s interview on plants we can integrate into our  life to nourish and sustain ourselves during this intensive time  of constant contraction and expansion. I was supported and marveled at the timeliness of Mellissae Lucia’s Oracale of Initiation insights as I spoke with my boyfriend about his current energetic space.  Raven’s tarot card interpretation reminded me that I am exactly where I need to be as I transition from winter to spring and begin to sprout new dream seeds for this upcoming year. That is just a small sample of what this issue holds.

Today, as the girls and I embarked on our ritualistic Sunday stroll in the wild where we live, I was acutely aware of the land. It had snowed the night before, but was quickly melting into the warm earthen soil. Little green sprouts that emerged last week were hanging tough through the harsh temperature changes and conditions.  The sweet cream soda smell of the Ponderosa Pines wafted through the air as the sun reclaimed its rightful place in the sky. We scoured the earth for the plants that are first to peek out, hoping to find something we could harvest and honor energetically in our own bodies.  I could feel the “labor” like sensations rippling through everything, including myself as visions of what I hope to co-create this season start to find a life force and prepare to be birthed. Truly all life on this earth is tapping into the same rhythm. We are all anticipating the EMERGENCE of our authentic raw self expression as we approach the Spring Equinox.

One of my main dream seed for this year is to see DAILY WILD blossom successfully into ALL her full potential. Myself and the co-creators of this publication share the vision of DAILY WILD reaching far and wide out into the world in a beautiful, breathtaking, life affirming and life changing collector’s format! This issue and all its wisdom is encouraging  and supporting this vision.  I know it will help you EMERGE into your wildest and fullest ideas of your authentic self just as it is helping me.

So for this altar Sunday, I chose to gather a few of the strong, resilient, ambitious new green shoots and leaves from today’s walk. A sparkly green limestone rock called out to be the throne upon which these shoots would sit. Once home,  a strong crystal gathered during a life changing pilgrimage last year beckoned to join the crew. And one of my small deep rich red garnet stones shaped like a small bowl was the finishing touch to this little island of abundant new life.

I placed the little altar on my Goddess altar. It fit perfectly on her forehead above the eyes, where all my dreaming and envisioning on my hopes from this winter began.

With the support of her allies, the Goddess begins to draw light, life, and energy into her dream space.

She bears a striking resemblance to the “EVE” card I pulled last week from Susan-Seddon Boulet’s Goddess card deck when I asked for support in sustaining  my dreams, visions, and hopes for my creative life and DAILY*WILD.

“Eve is the embodiment of primal female creative energy, of the powerful urge to create and sustain life. She is active femininity and relatedness to all that lives. She is LIFE itself”

Ultimately, this altar is holding space and energy for DAILY*WILD to take flight to heights I could never even imagine!

What are some of your dreams you are preparing to birth?

Make an altar in honor of these dream seeds, power them up with similar energy from mama EARTH and let’s check back in when their  life force begins to sustain itself and YOU!


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