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Week 4 is finished! I LOVED this week’s drawings. I am completely finding my zone with ink and pen right now. I also find myself completely immersed in  reading, researching and being in complete adoration with Mehndi (the sacred art of henna)! Oh, I also began incorporating my dream of one day learning tribal fusion belly dancing. I find myself becoming more aware of line, perspective, and proportion. There still remains the element of detail in everything I draw. I love detail! My favorite pen at the moment is the .005 prismacolor black ink pen for fine small patterns and symbols. For the first time, I am actually finding not only pride in what I’m creating, but JOY! So, as promised, this week’s 365 paint (draw) gallery!:

Remember you can always check out the previous week’s galleries at the page at the top that says 365 paint. Then there will be a drop down menu where each week is listed! xo