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I am so excited about the magical manifestations happening with this next issue of DAILY WILD MAGAZINE. Over the past week the content from contributors has been streaming in.  I find myself in a perpetual state of awe, humility, and ecstatic sweetness triggered by the insightful and empowering words of these various wise women. It is truly amazing to me the exponential growth of this publication in the past six weeks since the release of Love, Sex & Aphrodisiacs.  So, many wonderful things are happening to help launch this little publication into its bigger ambitions of reaching new-stands globally.  First, my man has been lovingly getting us set up with a fully integrated web site with our own domain and hosting atDAILY WILD MAGAZINE. The framework is still being implemented, so watch for official launch dates. The site will enable us to handle all orders, processing, and subscriptions in one place and with a variety of payment options to suit your needs! For those of you who love the blog, it will remain live, but also have its own page through the web site! Also, I am excited to share that there will be a public forum to share our daily wild thoughts as a community! There is even talk of hosting classes! Daily Wild truly has big visions of where she wants to go. With that being said,  let’s move onto taking at look at this issue’s freakin’ AWESOMENESS, shall we?


Issue No. 3


If we have done our work, we have spent the winter months hibernating, resting, and dreaming on all the new visions we wish to manifest for ourselves  in this coming year! Now we find the promises of spring tempting us with new life, renewed warmth and vigor, and eagerness to begin sprouting these dream seeds. However, we also find remnants of winter lingering and intermittently shoving us back into internal states of reassessment and releasing. This is all part of the initiation of emerging into our new empowered and improved realities. I am happy to say that this current issue of DAILY WILD MAGAZINE arrives on the Spring Equinox, just in time to help support and guide you through all this transition and courageous bursting forth into the springtime of your life.

Now for THE COVER! If there is one thing I have learned being the cover artist for DAILY WILD, it is that she has her own agenda. I had originally sketched out a draft of what I thought would be the cover a few days after the release of issue No. 2.  Little did I know at the time  it was more of a subconscious image for myself about embarking on a personal path of discovering what EMERGENCE entails. It makes sense now that I would need to experience emergence prior to being able to put together a whole issue on the topic.  So, I was initiated into the process. I broke down, shed, released, recognized, honored and replanted just in time to begin pushing back through the surface with visions of blooming big! Only then was I gifted the vision of the cover, and that was yesterday!!!!AHHHH!!! Suddenly, all my efforts and energy for 365 paint and Altar Sunday were channeled into this one piece! (That you see above) and this next issue!!! (Followers of these two projects, next week we will be back to our normal programming ;)) The cover piece is a combination of the results from these two projects, my personal process and contributor magic for the current issue. I hope you like her.

Now, let’s move on to the GOODIES!!

Without further Adieu! I am honored to announce this issue’s incredible giveaways from some of our amazing contributor’s!

10 LUCKY WINNERS who purchase Issue No. 3: EMERGENCE

will receive a sample of the exclusive DAILY WILD tea blend concocted especially and ONLY for DAILY WILD by the one and only Darcey Madrona Blue. The blend is described as being” a blend of fragrant plant allies to ground and center, bring clarity and wisdom, connect you with your heart and your inner intuitive wisdom, and dreaming mind. Leaves, flowers & roots harmonize and balance all the elements. Perfect iced or hot, sweetened or not” Darcey owns and operates Blue Turtle Botanicals and is our feature interview on herb and plant energetics that are useful during the current earth cycle and her rhythms.

10 LUCKY WINNERS who purchase Issue No. 3: EMERGENCE

will receive a limited signed art print card of the image featured in the current issue  from Mellissae Lucia’s Oracle of Initiation Deck.  Mellissae shares wisdom on emergence as gained through her personal life initiations and process that led to the creation of her oracle deck. Mellissae is now part of a collaborative project producing a documentary film titled Painted in the Desert—A Travel Essay, offering a passport into the rarely seen world of visionary artist Mellissae Lucia as she transforms herself in the desert.

1 LUCKY WINNER who purchases a printed version of Issue No. 3:  EMERGENCE

will receive  10 ml specialty perfume worth $275 from master perfumer, Libby Patterson. The winner will receive the scent “SANGRE DE CRISTO” and was inspired by the angelic and christ consciousness quality of the mountains in New Mexico. This amazing scent contains hibiscus, root of beet, and linden, among others. It is a soprano vibration, and beloved by all. It literally feels like you are singing to the angels when you wear it.

1 LUCKY WINNER who purchases a printed version of Issue No. 3: EMERGENCE

will receive a FREE drum making workshop with contributor and master drum maker, Lisa Starr of Drum Making Journeys. Lisa gives us insight into the power, importance and feeling of birthing your own drum in this month’s issue. Lisa finds that creating a drum is like giving birth to a life force that taps into our connection of our primal essence and our inner child.  Lisa also takes her passion of this creation one step further and integrates the magical and mystical with ceremony and ritual.  She is a wisdom teacher who offers ritual and ceremony to  student drum makers to establish a relationship with the hide and the hoop as they create their personal power instrument.

*note* winner of this prize will have to attend a workshop on site at Lisa’s Bonita Domes Retreat site in Joshua Tree!

*purchasers of the PDF downloadable version qualify for the tea and art card drawing only*

ALL Winners will be picked in a random drawing on Tuesday March 27, 2012

I am filled awe and overwhelmed with gratitude at the abundant support and belief that is coming through for this magazine. A big THANK YOU to all of you who contribute, offer your goods, services, and selves. A big THANK YOU to all the readers,admirers, kindred spirits, YOU are why this magazine exists. We are all in this together and I am fortunate to be a part of weaving the web!


23 beautiful pages of illustrations, insights, poetry, herbal remedies, recipes, photography, tarot focus, suggested seasonal rituals and more! printed on quality heavy weight matte inkjet paper with a perfect magazine style seam.



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