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OK, I think I just about melted when I received an envelope full of aromatic bliss today.Darcey Madrona Blue’s exculsive blend of Daily Wild tea has arrived !!! Hells Yeah!!!! One big sniff of this stuff through me into an awakened,  clarity, heart opening and message receiving space! This stuff is THE goods! I am so excited, no ECSTATIC that Darcey has agreed to collaborate on this little cohesive vision! All I can say at this point is when you back your vision with everything you’ve got, THE goods, those dreams of yours….they start to manifest FAST!!!

That being said, I wanted to remind you all that you can get a free sample of this good stuff with the purchase of the current issue of DAILY WILD: EMERGENCE! Just pick up either a print or PDFversion of this awesome little publication that’s about to explode and GO BIG, and you enter to win! But, the drawing is Tuesday, Ya’ll, so get up on it!

I Love this issue, did I mention that? I really do, she is my fav so far…uuh! she takes my breath away. Which makes for even more pure excitement about the next one….

But, I”m rambling now! So go HERE, and read about the awesome giveaways this go round, a little story behind the cover, and enter to WIN! Scroll the bottom of the page and you’ll find links. or look to the right on the sidebar there……..>

Time to start BREWIN’

Later! xoM e e k a h