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Look closely at the clear bubbles of the pine resin. Do you see little mini universes? Cosmos with planets, stars and even a Milky Way? I mean look at it!!! After I discovered this sweet little mind-blowing presentation of pinion resin, there was no way I was going to escape the inspirational transformations that were to come.  It always happens to me when I’m outside taking a pee.  (weird, right? I have a composting toilet, so well, it works better if I don’t pee in it.) So, there I am, doing my thing, it’s a beautiful spring day, warmth on my back, first day of my weekend and I look to the left and I see this miraculous goo oozing out of a pine tree from places where it had been trimmed earlier in the year. My first thoughts weren’t even of gathering it, but to stick my nose right up in it and breathe in the amazing pure scent! Then, I ran to get my camera. I was enamored for 45- minutes witnessing this magical stuff transform under changing lighting conditions and shifts in temperature.  By now I had become completely entranced, and my memory triggered.

Last week I stumbled upon this post by Kiva Rose at Bear Medicine Herbals about using pine resin to make incense. I knew immediately that I simply had to embark on this adventure! I ran back inside to grab a little jar that had once held sun-dried rose hips (there was even a little rose hip in it still). I knew I needed something to scrape the resin off with and I didn’t want to get super sticky using my fingers. So, I called out for a rock that wanted to do the job. Sure enough, one stepped up. It was perfect shape, perfect size, and worked beautifully. I began gently gathering the goods and in return gave ample amounts of gratitude and offering to the tree for allowing me the use of its life force for a very special project.

But, if you know anything about me by now, you know that simply can’t be all there is.  It must go DEEPER! Did I mention that this was also the day of the new moon in Taurus AND that I had just started my “moon” cycle.  All I can say is,  I am in Sync here folks…BIG TIME. I am totally in-synch with the rhythms of the earth. All has a aligned  and I am downloading inspiration like crazy. (This is actually very exciting for me, since I have desired to be in sync like this for a very long time. ) So, I head down to the sacred bottle teepee on my land.  I begin my own personal ritual. I find myself laying on the ground in the middle of the teepee staring up at glittering blue bottles all around me. I let myself envision in detail all  I want to grow during the next two weeks of the waxing moon.

Afterwards, I stopped at a little barrel cactus at the Eastern gate of the teepee. I built a little protective mini-stick teepee around it and placed a crystal, the jar of resin, and some dream herbs all under the altar. By now, I am so deep into the process of fully empowering the vision to create a Daily Wild incense, that every single living being around me appears to be supporting and offering energy towards this new dream seed.  They are like my personal little cheerleading squad encouraging me on and making sure I don’t lose my way on the path. The ooey gooey sticky stuff then got an extra charge by staying out all night under the new moon.

For the next 2 days I continued to gather resin and was humbled every-time a tree gave generous and copious amounts of it. I found mother-loads where a chunk of bark would literally fall off the tree into my hands. It felt as if they understood my intent and  wanted to be a part of this great little project. My girls even got involved. They found their own sacred scraping rocks, and would eagerly run ahead of me spotting resin and giving love to the trees.

Ultimately, this deep connection and desire inspired  a special space within my house that is completely devoted to incense making. It has become my  favorite altar in the house…..for the moment. It is glorious, it smells of forest, sweetness, grass, new beginnings and endless universes. It emanates unlimited potential, the unlocking of creativity and passion, and ultimately a union of my earthly self with my divine self.

This space is so sacred, so inviting, and manifested instantly! It is full of power, charge, and pure assuredness. There  is no denying the intent of that little bit -o – resin that caught my eye at an odd moment. One moment, I thought,” I want to make my own DAILY WILD incense”. In response, this piece of powerful magical land where I live took my  thought and we are now well on our way. I allowed myself to be swept into a co-creative vision and I found pure earthly bliss!This week, I cannot wait to dive into the alchemy of playing with different scent blends.  I will be sure to keep you up to date with the progress!!!

Til Then, get out and dive your nose into a tree, let their scent alter your consciousness and deliver a message of your own new dream seeds! Have Fun and Happy Spring!

Oh yeah, and because it is spring, my family and I celebrated by eating amazing foods! We made home- tortillas over an open camp fire for breakfast burritos this morning with friends. We then nurtured our sweet tooth with the Happy Birthday Spring cakes the girls had made the night before. And we ended the feast with a home-made soup full of nutrient-rich greens!!!

and because I just can’t resist posting this picture of Riley just being so patient about getting to taste the first bite!