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Happy Ostara!!!!!

Today’s altar was all about SPRING and spending time with my family!

The girls enjoyed hunting for the eggs they had dyed the day before.

We woke at dawn to the birds and the sun.

The sweet dank smell of the wet earth beckoned our shadows to dance with Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, bride to Hades.

Welcome Persephone of the Underworld!

Yet, in the same moment we rejoiced with the light by making candles out of the left over colored egg shells.

Hours of magic, wonderment, adventure, myth, and imagination as the girls spent the rest of the day in the trees that housed their blanket forts! Their journeys unbounded and unlimited in endless potentials that existed only in their minds.  Their stories interrupted only by the necessity to clean-up, take a shower and begin to ready for the week ahead.

My man harnessed his energy and channeled it into becoming the fire starter and the fire keeper for baking bread and the melting of candle wax.  Only once our needs were taken care of, did he find the sacred moment to sneak up into the loft and rest his sweet, strong but exhausted weary bones. For hours he drifted in and out of sleep, finally taking the time to recover from his brutal and battering week.

I marveled at the perfect flow, rhythm and harmony of the day, akin to the lingering energy of the Libra full moon two nights before. However, never did I lose site nor neglect the current  Scorpio moon that rules the under currents, secrets, mysteries, and shadows of our own consciousness.  I was in a constant state of being in my essence. I held the space for all my loved ones to be with their own creative energy. I witnessed, and took care of the structure so the foundation remained intact and all received as they needed, within their own divine presence.

In the end, the light danced with dark, and all drifted off to sleep by the glow of our egg candles and memories of sweet pine scent drifting on the warm afternoon breeze.

To the underworld we float in our dreams, seeking the beauty and treasure that allows life to breech the surface and exist again. Here’s to Spring, Ostara, Easter, Persephone, Creation, Gaia, Life, Love, and YOU!

May your week be filled with the beauty of life from the dark which you came.


m e e k a h