I try to start everyday in a sacred way. I greet the day, listen to the birds, absorb the sun, and hold gratitude in my heart space for all the goodness I am fortunate to experience in my life!

Sometimes, I don’t have to rush off to somewhere else and I actually venture out further than my deck….as amazing as my deck is.

I usually have a tarot deck of some kind with me. I like to pull a few cards to reflect on for the moment and I like to see how the symbolism and story of the cards are lining up with my physical reality!

The deck I am using now is the Medicine Woman Deck by Carol Bridges. I dig the simple earthly-ness of these cards and how much they truly represent how I live my Daily Wild life!

When I am graced with the chance to venture out into more remote areas for my morning wild connections, I restore the inner peace, balance and harmony of my natural self. I gain new perspectives on what truly matters most in my life, and I receive a sense of calm and sureness about how I want to experience my Daily Wild life.

I begin to open to and recognize that the beauty all around me is also within me.  I understand that I am as abundant and magnificent as everything WILD on this earth. That I myself am a gift in itself.  For me, this is the ultimate existence.

Let us not forget why we are here…


m e e k a h