I got a really crappy email today from somebody who insists that I,

“Just take ownership of your life and live it and stop whining about it.”

This person insisted on taking cheap jabs at me simply because I view and live my life from a different perspective than theirs. This statement was enough for the “old” version of myself to be so F-ING pissed that every word out of my mouth would have been fire-breathing swords with the intention to do serious and irreversible damage.

I did stand my ground. But, not from a place of being emotionally distraught. I have ultimate clarity about where I am at this moment in my life, the choices I’ve made to get here, my intentions for my actions, and the belief of living my authentic yet unconventional Daily Wild life.

I know damn well that not everyone can or even wants to live like I do. I work a part-time job,  pick up extra work doing hard labor yard maintenance, make and sell my handcrafted empowering tools, create and produce a bi-monthly magazine., plus am mother to my two children which requires I drive over 4 hours every weekend to offer them the chance to experience life in Happy Valley. Yes, I do all of these things and every month I have to become a master of resources because my money comes from a variety of places, inconsistently. Am I whining? Am I complaining? Am I being irresponsible?

HELL NO. I have no complaints. My world is just different from a M-F 9-5 sub-urban mainstream American lifestyle.

I choose to be true to myself in terms of how I spend my time, honor my morals, and operate from my creative life force for the good of the WHOLE. Am I holding it against this person that they have to come from a place of judgement and disrespect about my personal life choices? No.

Instead, I state my truth. I ask them to please leave me alone, to take their persecutions elsewhere. Then, I look to my present moment for biofeedback on the actual reality of my day-to-day life!

I watch as my friends with their jolly smiling faces roll into my driveway with a load of patio furniture they are gifting since they are moving onto new beginnings in their own lives.

I clear the deck, sweep out the dirt and pine needles, and begin to rearrange to make space for the pieces that will adorn my outdoor living space.

I begin to create space that is sacred, welcoming, restorative, and powerful. Once everything is in place, I stand back and breathe it all in.

I set intention, and bring my awareness to the details making sure that only those particular pieces that wish to be a part of this space are honored and placed where they feel at home and inclusive to the whole.

Welcoming beauty

and power to fill the atmosphere.

Later that same day, a friend sits in the chair and I on the couch. We share small talk and big ideas. We watch a flock of sparrows play on the currents as rain clouds shift and shape around our mountains.

When our kids have finally exhausted their alloted play time together, our friends head back up the wash on foot, traveling light and free back to their home on the ridge above ours.

The girls and I, however, are not yet done with breaking in our newly created gathering space. The temperatures cool and a breeze caresses our skin. The crickets begin to chirp, and everyone finds a comfortable place to sink their bones.

Within a matter of minutes, my girls are curled up on the couch, mouths open, eyelids closed, and sweet heavy breaths escape their cute button noses.

even the cat, Luna, gets it!

I don’t expect others to understand, or live the pace that I do. Not once have I broke my commitment to this person, yet because my reality does not match theirs, they felt the need to try to hold something over me, have some kind of control. I know now, as I look back on today, that they don’t have a leg to stand on. If they truly had a desire to know me, there would not be any confusion.I don’t fault them for having their views. But, unless I break our contract or fail to uphold my end of the bargain, there is no need to project insecurities and say mean things. Even then, such words would not be warranted when acting from a place of divine compassion and truth.

You tell me, does it look like I have anything to complain about?

For me, I do the work it takes and I have no qualms about it, to live this life you see here and to offer my children the same opportunity! and you can bet your ass, I am in no way shape of form……whining!

Be true to you! Do not give up the personality of self to another human’s will!

love to you on the path

m e e k a h