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I feel as if I am on the threshold of a gateway into a new paradigm. What do  I desire to carry in my medicine bag from the old paradigm into the new? Or am I supposed to find a new bag all together?

Sometimes I wonder, what the hell am I doing?

My creative expressions and passions seemingly driving me from a great vast void from beyond. They surge through me and I become a channel for pure idea and inspiration. Unconscious yet aware that I am carrying out a divine plan that originated somewhere deep inside of me and yet beyond my physical relativity. Entranced I become, totally focused and dedicated to seeing the project through in the moment. Without reservations or doubts, I stream. Then it is as if I awake from this journey and find myself in the land of the unfamiliar. I become conscious after being totally displaced. What do I do now? Do I keep trying to emulate the experience I just emerged from? Do I just jump on board of the next creative vision, leaving the other one behind? Is the co-creative process I just emerged from finished? Or am I just taking a break? Or does it want to transmute into something else? Where am I supposed to place my feet now?

I feel as if I am on the threshold of a gateway into a new paradigm. What do desire to carry with me  in my medicine bag from the old paradigm into the new? Or am I supposed to find a new bag all together?

Often times, being in this space of everything and nothing is the hardest place to be. Then I recognize that we are ALWAYS in this space. As I ponder these questions , my soul yearns to know the answers, the path, the way. My ego wanting to provide structure, control and the answers. That is when Gaia, prevails, unwavering in her commitment to communicate wisdom and guidance, she speaks…….

I woke up one morning in the midst of this new perceptive realm, and there is a trail of ants crawling through my bed. I watched as they seemed to be erratic in their path. Darting left and right, changing direction, moving forward a few paces, stopping to share information with a passer-by. Relentless in their purpose….to find their bliss. I sat quietly as I witnessed their dedication to the path, unaware of what they would find along the way, but holding always always always the INTENT of their journey as the priority. As far as I know the ant sets out everyday seeking that which is good for the whole. He doesn’t know where he will find it, he only follows the clues, like a trail of bread crumbs, knowing, trusting that every step will lead him to that golden nugget. Even if that means when he finds himself on the precipice of discovering that nugget only his shadow awaits to accompany him, he must do what is necessary and face that unknown fear to satisfy the calling of following his bliss.  The path that brought him here, his only known in the vast realms of unknowns. His bliss is his guide, his markers along the path that reveal the way. Sometimes he meets others on this path, sometimes he is in pure solitude, sometimes there is danger, other times camaraderie. But, in the end, the only true purpose was to get out there everyday, seek it, follow it, and ultimately share it.

as I stand on my own precipice, wondering what step to take next, I let myself be reminded by the ant……..that all I can do is trust that:

I am here
living me in my sacred beauty way
inviting the future into now
living in sacred ritual of honoring my existence
seeking, like the ant, its bliss in an erratic undefined, ever-changing path
holding what I know to be true for my peace, acting on that truth
knowing the things that make me blissful will ultimately guide me
to my own soul
and that the path is my story, my myth, my unfolding
my gifts to share with the world
the beauty
in the present
the gift of the heart no longer broken
the appetite for adventure
the mystery of the signs along the way
the trust that keeps me going
this is where I exist
the seeker
the lover
the fool
the medicine woman
the keeper
the storyteller
the healer
the curious traveler
the child of keepsakes and talismans
the ancient one
this is ME
I am here
and I will share
with those who truly wish to experience life through this person


I hope you are well today
and are living your truth
love be with you.

~ m e e k a h