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Everyday I am humbled by where I live. Although my life has taken many twists and turns, some painful, others extremely difficult, somehow I managed to land here. Each moment spent in this cabin on this precious piece of earth is awe inspiring, awakening, transformative and simply gorgeous. Existing here takes my breath away. I get a tingling sensation over my body with every conscious acknowledgement of my place in this realm….and that is DAILY.  This intimate relationship with Self and space,  home, and all that is sacred has integrated such deep wisdom into my cellular structure that I am forever changed. It is here that I “download” non-stop creative ideas, receive divine insights and messages, release the old, show gratitude through ritual, and ultimately manifest the spiritual in the physical. This has been the essence of Daily Wild since its inception. Yesterday, the land beckoned me out to play. She drew me intimately into a story….her story….my story….and how they are intricately intertwined… How when I share this story it becomes …..YOUR story…..this is the gift of my NOW. I would like to take this moment to show you a more intimate portrait of the dialogue that takes place on a daily basis between myself and this land. A dialogue that extends to you when you read these posts, or purchase one of my creations.


It is a place of reverence, peace, and compassion….

A place that honors lunar rhythms and timeless dreaming

Where the elements find balance and are in harmony

and stillness is equally as valuable as action

It  is a place that is entices exploration

and asks that you read the signs along the path

She offers her medicine freely

and we, in turn, protect the misunderstood

It is a place that invites people to gather, share stories, and gaze at the stars…reconnecting to our ancestors.

and just in case you need extra wishes, stars are available during daylight too!

where ruminants full of history and ancient wisdom demand a curious inquiry into the mystery

A place where the old walk side by side with the new

and some only come so far

While others express to full capacity

yet all held sacred and beautiful within our destiny that is the cycle of life

This land is a place where nakedness is encouraged…nakedness of self, soul, spirit, body, mind, and emotion. A place where the raw uniqueness of being is anticipated and awaited. It draws me in…into the WILDness that is my nature, the authenticity that is my essence and the expression that is my gift back to the world.

Thank You for joining me, honoring me, honoring this land, this journey, and yourself by being here! I am forever grateful……..xoxo m e e k a h

P.S. Below you will find a little video footage version of this behind the scenes for those who like more “action!” 😉

*** Please note: all images are copyrighted under Meekah Sage of Daily Wild. Please respect the artist’s view by contacting me directly if you wish to reuse any of these images or footage. Thank You! ❤