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We  started to rearrange our garden areas. Moving dirt, sifting through rocks, pulling out weeds and working through the soil to find bulbs and roots that are prime for planting. As we dig in the dirt, we find roots of an ancient nature. They are full of personality, wisdom, and beauty. We recognize their perseverance, stamina and strength and even times of pain and struggle. Like children, our mouths agape in wonder at the intricate root systems and the stories they tell. It reminds me of the Peter Gabriel song, “Digging In The Dirt”. Sometimes you have to get down deep to the roots, dig it all up, appreciate it for the growth it has provided and then let it go….make room for the new.

We are making way for the new, all the while learning from the elders about the soil environment, the layout of the beds, and how we can work with what exists to cultivate our new vision. Grateful for the opportunity to absorb the richness of the cycles of life and looking forward to all the nurturing the new plants will give!