spider weaves a new story

in less than 24 hours spider has made her presence undeniable…coveting the moon, and finding home among the horsetail & wormwood on my land. Our stories weave our webs of reality. Listen to your soul story. You decide the content. and start weaving!

The presence of spider to me is signaling ALL woman’s work….MY woman’s work. My divine feminine soul work. Intuition, dreaming, psychic powers…governed by the moon….listen to mine…what is the story? am I weaving a web of illusion or magic? In the light amongst the horsetail and wormwood…strong women’s herbs….how am I caring for myself? what inspires me to live and grow..what is the story I tell myself as a woman in daily life? It is time to work with the plants, with my allies, with my guides. It is time to listen to my soul and what it wants to experience and see and act on and express. What does this story look like????? Our personal stories create our reality….it is time for a new chapter…maybe even a whole new book! xoxoxo