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I am an explorer

Hitting the road and letting the journey unfold is one of my most cherished past times. My life has been bumpy lately. Transitions, changes, growth. Full of all those emotions that define humans.

Somewhere inside, always though, regardless, a deep longing to take an adventure surges. The adventure is truly where I receive new insights, inspiration, and story ideas. The road is my PEACE place.

This is the first adventure I’ve been fortunate enough to embark on this summer, as finances have been strapped and time devoted to just getting by, draining relationship commitments and just trying to elevate with grace.

But, today, I got a chance. The direction offered, the insight gained and freedom won is a victory I will not soon forget. The center, and power place within my SOUL a treasure. One, I am certain will need continual vigilance and protection.

For now, this victory pulses through my veins, ignites my source, and offers peace……