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when I draw, I use pencil/graphite or pen/ink. I have this aversion to color, like if I add color I will fuck it up. Or, I will combine color so inappropriately that I completely lose the whole impact and feeling of the image. I find this almost laughable because my whole cabin is covered in colors..chakra colors evrywhere. Painterly combinations before my very eyes in every direction. So why the resistance?

I have been enrolled in Lauren Luquin Intuitive Heart Sanctuary e-course for a few weeks now. I fell behind because life was getting in the way. Now, I’m catching up. The topic I dove into tonight was using color to heal. I had to draw my own color wheel and tune into how each hue made me feel. It was such an opening awareness to have this inner knowledge awaken in me. I suddenly felt like color was no longer so threatening because now I understood how I relate to it.

I made myself a plate of fresh greens and fruit I bought from our local farmer today. As I sliced into the little beet, I was blown away by the color and pattern inside. To my amazement, suddenly I was inspired to paint. It was if I had to capture this color and preserve it and I knew exactly the feeling this particular hue would convey.

I wonder what will come of this opening to expression in color? I have a feeling it’s going to blow me wide open!