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journey to the center of my soul

Those of you who follow me have probably noticed that my blog has had a schizophrenic aspect to it lately. What I mean is, the look of it has been changing weekly if not daily. All I can say at this point is what you are witnessing is a personal behind the scenes view of me exploring and working through some dream seeds I have. As a creative, I am constantly inspired with never ending ideas of ways to express my soul on this planet. At times it can get overwhelming as I want to pursue and nurture every single idea. But, the reality is, much of it has to do with timing and actually picking one dream seed, committing to its cultivation and nurturing it to maturity and even evolution. As I go through these changes in myself, as I find that I am currently existing in a time in between, I am feeling out each inspiration. This blog helps me to actually create a visual representation of what that idea might look like in a loose structure as I play around with themes and different layouts. Ultimately, I hope to land on one that truly represents the calling I am to follow in this present moment!

So, thank You for sticking by me, checking in, continuing to comment, and read, and share, and just witness this process. It is truly a rediscovering of self in soul within this current physical plane. I am grateful to be here, and I am excited for what I feel is brewing.

I have had soooo much change over the last year in  home, work, kids, relationship, family, and creative aspects of my life. Every few months some major shift or upheaval challenged me to break down all my old conditioned behavioral patterns and perspectives.  I so much yearn to have some consistency in order to finally open these new portals of ideas and begin to explore their depths. I have to say with certainty that I believe I have finally arrived in a position that is going to allow me to do that.

With that being said, thank you again for joining me and let’s start this next WILD ride! What do you say?

’til soon, xo Meekah