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As I sat on the deck this evening working on a watercolor painting listening to the soft rain, the sky turned the most magical hue of pink. Everything under her puffly storm clouds was illuminated in the softest ambient light. As a photographer, this is the time of day I love most. We call it magic hour, rightfully so. Despite the fact that I was completely immersed in my current project, I couldn’t help but run upstairs, grab my camera and head down onto the land. It’s inspirations like these that you just have to heed…no hesitations. I entered a world that was out of normal time and space. The dirt beneath my feet riddled with fine stone, basalt, and various sizes of quartz chunks, poked and prodded as I treaded barefoot down the hill. I like to think of it as free accupressure treatments. With the cats in tow, off we went to see what beckoned to be captured in this moment on my little memory card. This is the world I uncovered………………..