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Mondays are dreamy

It is the day of the moon, hence “Monday”

After embarking on a two hour round trip drive at 6am to take my girls back to their school week with their dad,

I get to come back to Happy Valley and moonlight

I drift through my day immersed in total creativity and inspiration

a timeless spiral of ebbing and flowing from one idea to the next

following the trail of sensuality and emotion…..imagination

Today, I had a special treat. I actually checked my mail.  Millions of butterflies set adrift when I opened the little square door and saw a manilla envelope inside. I knew right away it was my sample perfumes I had recently purchased from Roxana Illuminated Perfume by Roxana Villa

Instantly transported on the waves of intoxicating pure vanilla and jasmine scents, my day unfolded into pure exotic trance.

Propelled into a dimension where sultry and fleeting sirens beckon and play, I found myself transformed into something Gaia herself would breathe to life from the fading pigment of a late autumn penstemon leaf.

Carried by the wind, a glaze over my emerald green eyes, the veil transparent and undulating around me

the magic revealed………far from the illusion of days still to come

of the earth, in the physical realm, but never reaching ground carried by something my human eyes can’t see

touched only by romance and beauty

serenaded sweetly by my dreamy moonday

Sweet Intoxicating Moonday to you!


M E E K A H *