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This road is not for the faint of heart, or the weak in spirit

This is not a road where you cruise by the landscape at 85 mp, blaring your tunes and counting the miles and minutes until your arrival.

This is a road for those who are willing to inch along at 12 mph listening to only the sound of their soul. For there is no other sound but that of the breeze and the crisp dry air from the blazing sun. Not a chirp or even a buzz to break the thick undeniable silence.

This place, so barren yet still alive….where is the life? the inspiration? the muse?  The only thing to do is to stop. Get out. Sit on the hood of the car and become hyper-conscious of your own vast existence.

This is a road for those who dare to seek their soul.

The Soul Adventurer!

And when the soul adventurer has traveled deep enough into themselves to face the fears, the demons, the “what if’s’, worries, failures, internal critics, preconditioned responses and the adventurer slays them with nothing but pure conscious acknowledgement and recognition of their illusions…then the adventurer opens…opens to a space inside themselves that is ready to arrive

at new destinations!

Where undiscovered treasures abound…

where new inspirations, ideas and dream seeds are cast to the wind

where a rose is still a rose and its antiquity forever has the power to open our hearts to beauty

and the essence of creativity is once again honored

Where ultimately, the soul, the muse, the seeker align and find a stillness and satisfaction that brings peace

And the adventurer finds that with one simple choice to travel a new road, their course and direction now changed, forever.

If the work has been done, a road map has been created to hold the wisdom and memories that will continue to guide on future explorations.

and we find that yet another story begins…

Seek your Soul

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