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I read this post recently at The Power Path, about how the energy for month of September is intertwined with Action and Reaction. According to the article, people are being triggered in ways that are setting off old conditioned behavioral patterns, resulting in unnecessary drama, aggression and nasty projections.

I find this statement to not only ring true, but is also being exasperated around me. It is present in my place of work,  my relationships, and in myself. I find  if I haven’t engaged in protection of my personal space,  this energy from others is so powerful it is literally knocking me off my center. It feels like I have been in a boxing ring taking punch after punch after punch. I’ve tried to fight back, do the right thing, play nice, remain calm, operate from a place of love and none of it is helping. I just end up taking another beating.

For me….the next hole I step in is playing the victim role.

However, I have been surprised. With this knowledge about current energetics, I have been able to down play the victim and fear. In fact I find that the tears don’t even roll much, I almost have to try too hard. It is literally almost laughable. Which is FREAKIN’ AWESOME! I hate playing the victim card. It leaves me powerless. So, I have discovered my “action”  has actually become operating from that place in myself  called “neutral” .

Neutral, I found, comes when I move. Interesting dynamic. If I fall into reaction mode, or old fear victim mode, I get up and MOVE! I go for a walk and get in touch with my feral side.

I start playing with Kitchen Witchery!

I take a cue from my beloved feline friends, and get a new perspective

I move the energy, encouraging it to transmute. Instead of listening to old rhetoric in my head that  wants to keep me confined and caged, I do something I enjoy. Instead of letting others try to play their drama, excuses, blame, or lack of consideration out on me, I sit out on the land in my power spots and listen to the birds, the breeze, and the trees.

And you know what is happening? I’m taking my power back! I’m taking my life back! I’m taking my present moments back! I don’t expect others to change, but if their actions and responses aren’t lining up with what I feel honors me…well, so be it. But, don’t expect me to stick around. You can bet your ass, I”m going to walk away, take my soul self love into a space of alchemical power and focus my intent on which direction I want to aim Thor’s hammer { See The Power Path Article for reference on how to tap into Thor’s power this month}

Power Up, Lovelies!

Things to Ponder: In what ways do you allow your old conditioned patterns & reactions to control your present experience? Where do they come from? What action can you take to release these patterns and move yourself into a place of reclaiming your authentic power?

Much Love,


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