Virgo New Moon Bouquet : New Moon in Virgo at 10:11 p.m. Bouquet of Mint, willow, amaranth, mugwort, lemon balm.

Ode to thee, the moon in Virgo

Ruler of accompolishments and daily tasks. Keeper of health & vitality.

Ruled by the planet Mercury on this day of Saturn.

We ground in your steady virgin presence of  Vitality in vision.

Today a day to banish negativity and obstacles that are getting in the way of communing with your higher intelligence. This intelligence that wants to heal and elevate us to bigger successes. The Wisdom to ground this knowledge in the physical and harness the daily practicality and tasks needed to manifest our visions.

Set intention

banish doubt, fear and negativity

 receive the messages from your inner intelligence

 witness the alchemy of change and transmutation that grows anew!

~ So Mote it Be~

ooooh, I almost forgot the snake!!!!!

The snake that the cat dragged in today!

A gentle reminder I’d say

to transmute the negativity and work with the alchemy

and banish the fear

allowing power be near

releasing the inner seer

One of the most feared ancient seers of alchemy….one to respect and listen within…to the messages they bestow on the most kindly of friends!