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New ideas are being born! I collected more smooth river rock pieces this summer from this wild New Mexico land with intention to create another small collection of totem and talisman necklaces! The rocks have been cleaned, cleared, & powered up in ritual under new and full moons! Now they wait patiently to be painted!

I’ve also been playing around and formulating a bit ‘o Kitchen Witchery as well!

Which means, YES!, new creations are in development stages, prototypes being made, actual goals and business outlines being drafted, drawing boards being covered in sketches, which ultimately means more amazing earthy creations from Daily Wild! Did I mention magickal? elemental? collectible? sustainable?

That being said! I need to not only make room for these new dream seeds to grow and flourish, I am ready to let some of these earlier pieces  go to whomever is being called to them. I am also trying to generate revenue that can be reinvested back into my new visions!

So if you find that you resonate with any of the pieces below, please snatch them up now as they are PRICED TO SELL! It is important to me that they be assisting others with personal evolutions!

You can purchase these necklaces at these awesome prices right here on the DAILY WILD blog! Just go to THIS PAGE to see the listings and BUY NOW!

and THANK YOU to all of you have been continual supporters and believers in the DAILY WILD mission :

“In Search of Wild Things: Preserving Wildness in Self & Surroundings”

~ xo Meekah